Other Subjects

The Hugh Bell Archive is enriched with photographs relating to a wide range of other subjects, that fall into the general categories of Boxing, Celebrities, Children, and the LGBT culture (including Gay Pride parades).  

In the boxing photographs, Bell was able to combine his training in still photography and filmmaking to capture arresting moments in the contact sport of boxing. In the mid-1950’s he captured in color a dramatic shot of Milo Savage at New York’s St. Nicholas Arena, as well as a black-and-white series on Daniel Russo, entitled “The Life of a Fifty Dollar Fighter,” that was published in Esquire magazine in 1957.

The numerous portraits of various celebrities include a diverse world of media celebrities, political figures, and sports personalities. These include Common and A Tribe Called Quest, Bryant Gumbel and Joe Franklin, Mayor Koch and a Black Panther.

Bell also photographed numerous LGBT parades, focusing on a full range of characters – everyone from muscular men to transvestites.

Bell was interested in photographing the full cycle of human life. Not only did he capture candid portraits of children at play, but also caught moments of reflection by 116-year-old Mother Brown.

Fruit Wig (n.d.)


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