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Clip Licensing

Gartenberg Media Enterprises licenses clips from experimental and independent films for feature documentaries and television projects. Our objective in this enterprise is to increase the value and import of these artist-driven moving image works by placing them into a larger cultural context. Titles licensed in this manner include sequences from Helen Levitt, James Agee, and Janice Loeb’s IN THE STREET (1952) for Ric Burns’s epic NEW YORK: A DOCUMENTARY FILM (1999-2003)GME also licensed the complete broadcast of IN THE STREET for showing on Arte, the European broadcast channel. 

IN THE STREET  (Helen Levitt, 1952) Photo © The Estate of Helen Levitt

IN THE STREET (Helen Levitt, 1952)
Photo © The Estate of Helen Levitt

NEW YORK: A DOCUMENTARY FILM, Opening to Episode 7 (Ric Burns, 2001)



In creative fashion, Jonas Mekas has captured on film (since his arrival in America in 1947) the major personalities of the second half of the 20th century, including Allen Ginsberg, Andy Warhol, Jackie Kennedy. GME has licensed clips from Jonas Mekas’s films, including WALDEN and SCENES FROM THE LIFE OF ANDY WARHOL for Martin Scorsese’s PBS documentary NO DIRECTION HOME: BOB DYLAN (2005) and Ric Burns’s ANDY WARHOL: A DOCUMENTARY FILM (2006), as well as for VH1 (US) and WDR (Germany).

WHERE DID OUR LOVE GO?  (Warren Sonbert, 1966)

WHERE DID OUR LOVE GO? (Warren Sonbert, 1966)


Gartenberg Media is also the exclusive licensor of moving images from the Estate of Warren Sonbert, including scenes from New York in the 1960s as well as shots from his global travels from the 1970s, 80s, and 90s.  

A shot list for Sonbert’s film WHERE DID OUR LOVE GO (1968) is available here.

For more information on Warren Sonbert see: Programming & Curating

GME also licenses, on a selective basis, clips from DVDs that we distribute to the university market. See: DVD Home Page

Photo Licensing

In recent years, Gartenberg Media has begun an extensive and comprehensive process to excavate the picture libraries of deceased photographers, and to further the legacy of these artists. Gartenberg Media is also now the exclusive licensor of photographs from the estates of Hugh Bell and Raimondo Borea.