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Gartenberg Media is actively engaged in seeking out and representing high quality DVD & Blu-ray publications of films and videos that encompass important works from the breadth and depth of the history of the moving image. These works range from pioneers of the silent narrative cinema to cutting edge filmmakers of the contemporary avant-garde.

Frame from   ENTUZIAZM  , 1930

Frame from ENTUZIAZM, 1930

"Archival practices are undergoing reinvention, too, both enabled and blocked by opportunistic technologies. On the one hand, the superb dedication of such entities as the Criterion Collection, Milestone Films, and Gartenberg Media Enterprises, to name key players, are making possible access to a wealth of cinematic history, ephemera, and value-added materials."

– B. Ruby Rich, Film Quarterly


Classical narrative cinema and its history are represented by a wide array of publications: Danish Silent Film Classics, a series of restorations by the Danish Film Institute includes important works by Carl Th. Dreyer and Benjamin Christensen, a volume featuring the international star Asta Nielsen, as well as other Danish silent films and filmmakers ripe for rediscovery; International Silent Classics, a group of select publications representing works from France, Germany, the Soviet Union and the United States, includes masterworks directed by Abel Gance, Louis Feuillade, F.W. Murnau, & Erich von Stroheim, and starring screen idols Douglas Fairbanks, John Gilbert and Rudolph Valentino; Film History & Documentaries, more generally, is represented by DISCOVERING CINEMA, a two-disc set of early sound and color experiments and SAVED FROM THE FLAMES, a three-disc international anthology of 54 rare and restored films from the nitrate era.

The richness and variety of experimental cinema, across its history, is especially well represented. Experimental Narratives & Avant-Garde Shorts incorporates the legendary works of Soviet-montage master Dziga Vertov, including ENTUZIAZM (1930), restored and re-synchronized by Peter Kubelka and the Vienna Filmmuseum; Germaine Dulac’s THE SEASHELL AND THE CLERGYMAN (1927) is a key work of Surrealist and feminist cinema; CINÉMA DADA comprises the eight films (dating from 1921 to 1927) cited by Hans Richter in his famous Dada manifesto; Isidore Isou’s Lettrist film manifesto TRAITÉ DE BAVE ET D’ETERNITÉ (1951); several Zanzibar films, including works by Philippe Garrel, Jackie Raynal and Patrick Deval, each an articulation of the cultural revolt that was Paris 1968.  Additonally, there are works by and featuring James Benning, Stephen Dwoskin, José Val del Omar and Andy Warhol, among others. Austrian Avant-Garde Film & Video presents key works from the Austrian Avant-Garde (1957-2004), including films by Martin Arnold, Kurt Kren, Gustav Deutsch, Valie Export, and Peter Tscherkassky to name but a few.

These DVD and Blu-ray publications are available on an exclusive basis for sale to educational organizations in North America (universities, libraries, & other cultural institutions), and include public performance rights. Public performance rights extend to use in classrooms and in other non-commercial settings where no admission is charged.

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