"In 1972, Nico sang and screamed in the desert of New Mexico, the snowy plains of Iceland and the calcified landscapes of Egypt. Philippe Garrel shot the ultimate film-trip, LA CICATRICE INTÉRIEURE, in the most desolate landscapes of the world. This is a reexamination of a crucial work of art– whose influence can be seen in the films of Gus Van Sant (GERRY) and Vincent Gallo (THE BROWN BUNNY) – and of the mythical love affair between a gifted filmmaker and his phantasmagorical idol."

- Les Inrockuptibles

LA CICATRICE INTÉRIEURE is a total masterpiece. I can’t explain it... all of a sudden, the whole of humanity, the whole planet is speaking - the planet as in the ancient sense of the mother. But it’s not even the planet that’s speaking, it’s the soil... It’s incredible, it’s all in there.

- Henri Langlois, Cahiers du Cinéma


“You can't ask questions of LA CICATRICE INTÉRIEURE, you just have to enjoy watching it, in the same way as you'd enjoy taking a walk in the desert. The film is a record of what was going through my head at the time of the shoot; it can consist only of traces and marks.”

- Philippe Garrel


“When it was made, LA CICATRICE INTÉRIEURE, was poetry. It later became painting, and now it’s become a novel and even theater. It might be all wrong. We should make lms without asking too many questions.”

- Philippe Garrel



Format: Blu-ray & DVD-PAL Combo / Region 0 (No Regional Code)

(FRANCE, 1972)

Director: Philippe Garrel
Camera: Michel Fournier
Sound: Antoine Bonfanti, René Levert
Music: from Nico's "Desertshore" album
Cast: Nico, Philippe Garrel, Pierre Clémenti, Christian Päffgen, Daniel Pommereulle, Balthazar Clémenti, Jean-Pierre Kalfon

  • 60 minutes
  • 35mm
  • Color
  • Sound (Mono)

Total Running Time: 01:00:00

Language: French with French, English and Japanese Subtitles

Booklet Text: Thomas Lescure, Gérard Courant, Nico (48 pages, in French and in English)

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