Based on the novel by Gerhart Hauptmann, Nordisk Film created this “Titanic” film merely a year after the disaster. Danish film scholar Casper Tybjerg states that Hauptmann’s novel proceded the Titanic disaster by four weeks, nearly giving Hauptmann a status as prophet. Later the same year Hauptmann was awarded the Nobel prize in literature. For the DVD a high definition scan was made from a restored negative and tinting was recreated using an abbreviated version from The National Film Center in Japan. Also included is an alternative ending for the Russian export version and a fragment of an early Danish adaptation of Arthur Schnitzler's play Liebelei. 




Format: DVD-PAL / Region 0
(No Regional Code)


(Denmark, 1913)

Director: August Blom
Screenplay: Karl-Ludwig Schrøder & Axel Garde, based on a novel by Gerhart Hauptmann
Cinematography: Johan Ankerstjerne
Production Company: Nordisk Films Kompagni
Cast: Olaf Fønss, Frederik Jacobsen, Ida Orloff, Carl Lauritzen & Ebba Thomsen

• 116 minutes
• Tinted Version


Bonus Material

ATLANTIS (Fragment)

• 2 minutes
• Alternative Russian ending.

ATLANTIS (Fragment)

• 35 minutes
• Fragment on video of the original tinted English version, from the National Film Center, Japan.

(Denmark 1914) 

Director: August Blom & Holger-Madsen
Screenplay: Arthur Schnitzler
Cinematography: Marius Clausen & Johan Ankerstjerne
Production Company: Nordisk Films Kompagni
Cast: Valdemar Psilander, Christel Holch, Johanne Fritz-Petersen, Frederik Jacobsen, Holger Reenberg & Carl Lauritzen

• 15 minutes


Total Running Time: 02:44:00

Language: Danish intertitles, English subtitles

Musical Score: Robert Israel

Published By: Danish Film Institute

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