“The phrase ‘Aidez-nous, detruisez-vous’ (‘Help us, destroy yourselves’) was a rabble-rousing graffito that marked the walls of University of Paris’s Nanterre campus in May 1968. It was in this place and at this volatile time in world politics that a generation of French artists and thinkers defined themselves around youth and workers’ movements (recently chronicled in such films as Bernardo Bertolucci’s THE DREAMERS and Philippe Garrel’s REGULAR LOVERS). Among them were the Zanzibar filmmakers, who took the many street mottos and images of the ’68 protests and turned them into phantasmagoric film allegories, many of them shot in North and East African counties in sumptuous 35mm (a format rarely afforded to experimental cinema) and shown elusively to late-night audiences by Henri Langlois at the Cinémathèque Française.”

— Gabe Klinger, University of Chicago



"DÉTRUISEZ-VOUS (with it’s implacable subtitle, The Silent Gun) was shot between March and April 1968. The title - A film shot in April 1968 - is written on a piece of cardboard, with well-deserved pride: Bard was one of the few at the time to exhibit such clairvoyance. (...) DÉTRUISEZ-VOUS is, moreover, a ‘primitive’ film which breaks all the rules of film-making. It’s the first Zanzibar film (and predates the very naming of the movement), an attempt to make a film which defies the rules of production, the production line of commerce.)"

— Philippe Azoury

Caroline de Bendern in  DÉTRUISEZ-VOUS  (1968)

Caroline de Bendern in DÉTRUISEZ-VOUS (1968)



Format: DVD-PAL / Region 0
(No Regional Code)


(France, 1968)

Director: Serge Bard
Photography: Jean Gonnet, Pierre-William Glenn
Sound: Jean Baronnet
Editor: Jackie Raynal.
Producer: Sylvina & Jacques Boissonas
Cast: Caroline de Bendern, Juliet Berto, Thierry Garrell, Alain Jouffroy, Olivier Mosset, Etienne O’Leary

• 70 minutes
• 35mm
• B&W, color
• Sound


Bonus Material

(France, 2007)

Director: Jackie Raynal

• 17 minutes
• Digital Video
• Color
• Sound


Total Running Time: 01:27:48

Language: French. English, Spanish, German & Italian subtitles

Booklet Text: Alain Jouffroy & Philippe Azoury (Bilingual French & English)

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