“Free and intimist, sensual and cerebral, experimental and political. Dwoskin’s cinema is heir to the surrealists and Georges Bataille, to Andy Warhol and Jack Smith”

— Isabelle Régnier

“Each Dwoskin film could be described thus: a man watches a woman who returns his gaze. This arm wrestling match lasts as long as it needs, at times as soft as a caress, as intense as a demand. At times fear, rejection, wounded pride and withdrawal permeate this tense cinema paralyzed by gazes at the camera. Like at a peep show, his films watch in complete isolation. They speak to everyone’s solitude.”

— Philippe Azoury

"DYN AMO is a 'drama' exploring the distinction between a person's self and his projection of that self to others; and it's a 'horror movie' tragically suggesting how a projection can become more substantial than the self behind it. Its subjects are role-playing (especially sexual role-playing), and the masochism of playing a role that conforms to others' exploitative interests."

— Tony Rayns

     Two views of Linda Marlowe in  DYN AMO  (1972)

     Two views of Linda Marlowe in DYN AMO (1972)

“A work that leaves plenty of reason to believe that Dwoskin may one day create the cinema's first erotic masterpiece.”

— Clive Hodgson

     Linda Marlowe in  DYN AMO  (1972)

     Linda Marlowe in DYN AMO (1972)



Format: DVD-PAL / Region 0
(No Regional Code)


(UK, 1972)

Adaptation: Stephen Dwoskin (Based on the stage play Dynamo by Chris Wilkinson)
Director, Cinematographer, Editor: Stephen Dwoskin
Stage Direction: Howard Panter
Sound & Music: Gavin Bryars
Assistant Cameraman/Editor: Clive Myer
Producer: Michael Armitage and Maggie Pinhorn
Production Company: Alternative Arts/Dynamo Production
Cast: Linda Marlowe, Jenny Runacre, Catherine Kessler, Pat Ford, Malcolm Kaye, Andrew Carr, John Grillo, Derek Pagett

• 114 minutes
• 16mm
• Color
• Sound


Bonus Material

(France, 2006)

• 8 minutes
• Color
• Sound
• A Film Interview by Pip Chodorov and Gloria Morano.


Total Running Time: 02:11:33

Language: English. French, Spanish, German & Italian subtitles

Booklet Text: Jacqueline Holt (Bilingual French & English)

Published By: Re:Voir Video

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