"All the American film-makers we admire came into the cinema young. Now they're old but no one's taking their place. When Hawks started out he was the same age as Goldman and Goldman is alone...There will be other great American film-makers (there's already Goldman, Clarke and Cassavetes)."

– Jean-Luc Godard, Cahiers du Cinema, 1967

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"An extraordinary black and white film shot in Paris in 1968, WHEEL OF ASHES is a film that haunts you long after you have left the cinema. Goldman is really a forgotten American genius."

– Henri Sera, Theiapolis Cinema

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"Pierre Clementi is sensational. He’s not acting: he’s living his part. Diaphanous, plagued by an inner fire, his cheeks hollow, he is in close communion with the filmmaker and his quest. Just as in ECHOES OF SILENCE, Goldman’s vision brings us beyond the image into a world of palpitations and callings."

– Jean-Louis Bory, Le Nouvel Observateur, 1971

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Format: DVD-PAL / Region 0
(No Regional Code)


(US/France, 1964)

Director: Peter Emanuel Goldman
Cinematographer: Tristan Burgess
Editor: Joële van Effenterre
Camera: Peter Emanuel Goldman & Pierre William Glenn
Screenplay: Anne-Marie Lallement
Music: Hugh Robertson
Cast: Pierre Clémenti, Katinka Bo, Pierre Besançon, Judith Malina, Juliet Berto & Stasia Gelber

• 95 minutes
• 16mm
• B&W
• Sound


Bonus Material

(US, 1965)

Director: Peter Emanuel Goldman

• 24 minutes
• 8mm
• B&W
• Sound


Total Running Time: 01:59:00

Language: English, French. English, French & German subtitles.

Booklet Text: Emeric de Lastens (Billingual French & English)

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