A Retrospective Film Program Curated by Jon Gartenberg at the National Gallery of Art: "American Experiments in Narratives: 2000 – 2015"

National Gallery of Art, Washington D.C.
Sunday, May 10 – Saturday, June 13

Still from  Our Nixon , courtesy Penny Lane

Still from Our Nixon, courtesy Penny Lane


An eclectic look at independent artist-made cinema of this century, American Experiments in Narrative includes found footage works, hand-crafted animations, hybrids of fiction and documentary, as well as live-action movies that defy classic conventions. Thematically speaking, the program presents reflections on identity, community, family, political culture, and a variety of social issues. The artists represented are well versed in historic avant-garde technique but are also consciously engaged with the film industry canons — often subverting those traditions with novel storytelling strategies. While the majority of filmmakers may lack the sort of financial backing bestowed by Hollywood, this absence of monetary support actually allows greater freedom of expression. Jon Gartenberg, curator for the series, has worked extensively on the preservation, distribution, and programming of experimental cinema. He introduces the first program.

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