Warren Sonbert Film "Short Fuse" The Museum of Arts and Design, NYC – August 18

Gartenberg Media Enterprises is proud to announce that the Warren Sonbert film Short Fuse will be shown at The Museum of Arts and Design (MAD) in New York City on August 18th, 7pm. The film is part of the museum's Eye on a Director series, which is currently presenting the films of Canyon Cinema. Short Fuse will be presented in the program Continuing Cadences: Fulton, Angerame, Sonbert.

Short Fuse  (1992)

Short Fuse (1992)


From The Museum of Arts and Design Website

"Robert Fulton (1939–2002) was a pilot, a gifted aerial cinematographer, a devout Buddhist, a close friend and collaborator of filmmaker Robert Gardner, and an inspired independent filmmaker. His exhilarating, densely edited, poetically sensitive films were admired by Canyon stalwarts Bruce Baillie and Stan Brakhage, and he was an inspiration for students including filmmaker and former Canyon Cinema Executive Director Dominic Angerame. An artist who traveled the world accompanied by his Bolex camera, he eschewed narrative as he gathered images with a spirit of wonder and generosity, translating the people and places he encountered into scenes of breathtaking beauty and elation, and editing with a dazzling rhythm whose cadences evoke a deep passion for and knowledge of music. Fulton left behind a substantial body of work that resonates with Warren Sonbert's exuberant and visually resplendent montage."

Warren Sonbert with his Bolex Camera.

Warren Sonbert with his Bolex Camera.


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