GME is participating in global Home Movie Day on October 20 by featuring stills and clips from films in our collection that celebrate these amateur films.

HOME MOVIE, AUTOUR DU LIT DE LA VIERGE (France, 1969), Director: Frédéric Pardo


Clips from Frédéric Pardo's Home Movie, filmed in Morocco 1968 on the set of Philippe Garrel's LIT DE LA VIERGE. SEEN HERE IN 2011 TAMARYN - HAZE INTERIOR MUSIC VIDEO


ADRIA – HOLIDAY FILMS 1954-68 (FILM–SCHOOL OF SEEING I) (Austria, 1990), Director: Gustav Deutsch

HOME.MOVIE (Austria, 2008), Director: Martin Bruch & Reinhilde Condin


80 minutes around the world: virtually and actually. Martin Bruch rides his home-handbike from km 40.076 to km 80.000. While he is cycling back home his friends travel around the world and bring back footage from the places they have visited.


Scenes from Cyclopean #3D: Life With A Beautiful Woman (2012), Ken Jacobs' most directly autobiographical work to date. Produced by GME through the Experimental Filmmakers Production Fund.


HOME MOVIE (PELICULA FAMILIAR), (Spain, 1935-38), Director: José Val del Omar


Um 'home movie' de 1938 de José Val de Omar. . "Película Familiar is a family album in motion. It shows the director's fondness for portraiture, here contrasted with his fascination with certain energetic or honest facial expressions. As a final kiss - Barthes' punctum - intimate and indescribable."