A Tribute to Trisha Brown” at Anthology Film Archives — Monday, March 19, 2018

This program includes a selection of the earliest films made from Brown’s dances, documents of the new language of ordinary movement in dance that she pioneered, and that continues to influence generations of dancers and artists. Much more than simply recordings of performances, these films qualify as accomplished works in their own right and stand as testaments to Brown’s astute capacity for remarkable interdisciplinary collaborations.


The program at Anthology Film Archives will also be the premiere of TBDC’s new preservations of MAN WALKING DOWN THE SIDE OF A BUILDING and LEANING DUETS, as well as a very special 16mm triple-screen presentation of Babette Mangolte’s ROOF AND FIRE PIECE, unseen in this triptych format since the 1970s.

Jon Gartenberg of GME serves as an archival consultant to the Trisha Brown Dance Company.

Photo from Trisha Brown WOMAN WALKING DOWN A LADDER © Babette Mangolte, who also appears in the film RAMEAU'S NEPHEW' BY DIDEROT (THANX TO DENNIS YOUNG) BY WILMA SCHOEN, a DVD edition of which is distributed by GME to educational institutions in North America.