GME's 3 Degrees of Oscar Separation

Seminal early cinema wizard Georges Méliés and Oscar winner, musical artist and actor Common, both represented in GME's extensive collections, added luster to the 2018 broadcast of the Academy Awards Show.  Film and music, two art forms seemingly joined at the hip began, with the advent of motion pictures more than a hundred years ago, as separate, in tandem theatrical performances.  A couple of decades later they were joined next to the sprocket holes.  The rest is history.  Sometimes all this behind the scenes media archeology finds the klieg lights.  Hope you enjoyed the show!



Georges Méliès' A TRIP TO THE MOON (1902)


Gartenberg Media distributes the meticulously-restored version of Méliés' early films on DVD to institutions in North America.  It also is the authorized representative for the estate of Hugh Bell.

common hugh bell v3.jpg

Common photographed by Hugh Bell in 1998