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Please contact us to inquire about the following additional titles:

  • As She Likes It: Female Performance Art from Austria
  • Constanze Ruhm: Video Works from 1999-2004
  • Dariusz Kowalski: Optical Vacuum
  • Dóra Maurer: Thinking in Proportions
  • Ernst Schmidt Jr.: Stones & 20 Action And Destruction Films
  • Ernst Schmidt Jr.: ViennaFilm 1896 - 1976
  • Ferry Radax: Thomas Bernhard - Three Days
  • Friedl Kubelka vom Gröller: Photography & Film
  • Gertrude Moser-Wagner: Concept & Coincidence
  • Granular Synthesis: Remixes for Single Screen
  • Gržinić /Šmid: A Selection of Video Works 1990-2003
  • Hans Scheugl: The Seconds Strike Reality
  • Ivan Ladislav Galeta: Obsession: Structuring Time and Space
  • Jan Peters: …but I still haven’t figured out the meaning of life
  • John Giorno & Antonello Faretta, et al: Just Say No To Family Values
  • Józef Robakowski: The Energy Manifesto!
  • Leo Schatzl: Farrago
  • Linda Christanell: The Nature of Expression
  • Lisl Ponger: Travelling Light
  • Manfred Neuwirth: [ma] Trilogy
  • Mara Mattuschka: Iris Scan
  • Mara Mattuschka / Chris Haring: Burning Down the Palace
  • Oliver Ressler: This is what democracy looks like! Disobbedienti
  • Peter Weibel: Köperaktionen Bodyworks 1967 - 2003
  • Pürrer / Scheirl: Super-8-Girl Games
  • Pürrer / Scheirl / Schipek: Flaming Ears
  • Siegfried A. Fruhauf: Exposed
  • Sonic Fiction: Synaesthetic Videos from Austria
  • Volks Stöhnende Knochenschau: A Historic Video News Reel Project

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