“Since 2007 Brehm has created what he calls 'volumes' of short films, released under the title PRAXIS.  Similar to his MIX films of the 1990s, these works reassemble and thoroughly revise images from earlier works, lending them a 'discursive and overall very tidied up' form according to Brehm.  Having reached volume 18 and 153 individual PRAXIS parts…Brehm currently [early 2017] figures he will probably go beyond the scope of the originally planned 24 volumes.  ‘A never-ending film’ is in the works; if you believe in the artist’s self-disclosure, the project will finally end, 'when I drop dead.’...

Brehm's PRAXIS series is driven by a spirit of enterprise that is clearly palpable: Since 1974 Brehm has been sensuously modulating his private iconography in ever new variations, ceaselessly engaged with his ever growing image and sound archive, withdrawn into the interior of an infernal fantasy. There is no posturing behind his cool treatment of the disquieting signs in his work, but rather ennui, a loner life, solipsism. Dietmar Brehm orchestrates implosions and idling states. He could be seen as the representative of a telephone-game art movement: His work is post avant-garde, post-narrative, post-surreal, post-pornographic and post-psychoanalytic; it appears like an extra entry in the annals of a long since shelved cultural history, like a last ditch effort of art after the end of time.

The PRAXIS selection commences with a metaphor for exhausted vision.  Blood-red lightning accompanied by sampled rolling thunder twitches across the expanse of the image, reminiscent of bloodshot eye vessels; a veritable eyesight storm breaks out over the views from the start…With COKE, the 40th scene of the program, PRAXIS SELECTION ends simply, graphically clear — and once again intensively lit by red light:  Three dancing plastic bottles accompanied by relaxing music from the 1970s transform into a tripled version of that very same red digital sun that lends its barren light to the Brehmian galaxy of shadows.”

– Stefan Grissemann

dieter brehm praxis 9

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Format: DVD-PAL / Region 0
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(Austria, 2007-2015)

Director: Dietmar Brehm


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Total Running Time: 01:37:00 

Booklet Text: Stefan Grissemann (20 pages, Bilingual English & German)

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