On the evening of September 30, 1952, the shape and sound of movies changed forever with the introduction of Cinerama, the widescreen process that used three cameras and three projectors on a curved screen 146° deep.

In celebration of the 60th Anniversary of its premiere, THIS IS CINERAMA is presented exactly as seen by over 20,000,000 viewers in its original roadshow version. Travel around the world with Cinerama, from Venice to Madrid, from Edinburgh Castle to the La Scala opera house in Milan, and concluding with a flight across America in the nose of a B-25 bomber.

Now digitally remastered in the unique "Smilebox" curved screen simulation, the color, the music, and the true artistry of this classic are reborn.



Format: Blu-ray & DVD-NTSC Combo /
Region All & Region 0
(No Regional Code)


(US, 1952)

Director: Robert L. Bendick
Producer: Merian C. Cooper & Robert L. Bendick
Narrator: Lowell Thomas
European and Niagar Falls Sequences: Supervised by Michael Todd & Michael Todd, Jr.
America the Beautiful Sequence: Supervised by Fred Rickey; Piloted by Paul Mantz, Air Speed Record Holder
Prologue: Supervised by Walter Thomson
Musical Director: Louis Forbes
Creator of Cinerama Process: Fred Waller
Technical Development: Hazard E. Reeves
Technical Assistants: Wentworth Fling, William R. Latady, RIchard Babish, Frank Richmond, Robert Dresser & Walter R. Hicks
Cameraman: Harry Squire
Asst. Cameraman: Jack Priestly
Sound Recording: Richard J. Piefschmann, Jr.
Film Editor: Bill Henry
Paintings: Mario Larrinaga
Sound Effects: Reeves Sound Studios

• 127 minutes
• Color


Bonus Material

• Audio commentary track: With John Sittig (Cinerama, Inc.), Dave Strohmaier (Cinerama Historian), Randy Gitsch (Locations background), and Jim Morrison (original crew member)

Remastering A Widescreen Classic 

• 19 minutes
• Before and after demonstrations on the film's remastering.

The THIS IS CINERAMA "Breakdown Reel"

• 9 minutes
• B&W
• Footage originally projected interstitially during the interruptions of any Cinerama performance.

Alternate Act II European Opening

• 2 minutes
• Color

Fred Waller Radio Interview

• 15 minutes
• A slideshow featuring an original 1952 radio interview with Fred Waller on the eve of opening night.


• 3 minutes
• A new recreation in HD of the film's trailer.


• 1 minute each

Tribute to the New Neon Movies 

• 15 minutes
• A short film celebrating the Cinerama revival in Dayton, OH from 1996 to 1999, where a local projectionist set up Cinerama for special screenings to people from all over the country.

Tribute to the New Cooper Theatre 

• 4 minutes
• Remembering the first Super Cinerama in Denver, CO.

• Promotion and Publicity Image Gallery


Total Running Time: 03:16:00 (Blu-ray/DVD)

Language: English

Musical Score: Sidney Cutner, Howard Jackson, Paul Sawtell, Leo Shuken, Max Steiner & Roy Webb 

Published By: Flicker Alley

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