Flicker Alley was born out of a passion for cinematic history and a desire to bring filmmakers and films from out of the past to new audiences and renewed recognition.  The company was started in 2002 by Jeffery Masino who drew on a lifelong enthusiasm and fascination with silent, classic, and independent cinema as well as on many years experience in film and television production and post-production.

A goal of Flicker Alley is to contribute to the on-going interest in our film heritage through the creation of new, high-quality digital editions for broadcast and through home video distribution. The company has enjoyed a prolific association with Turner Entertainment Networks resulting in several important and little seen movie classics being rescued from obscurity.

The name “Flicker Alley” was the nickname of Cecil Court, London W.C.2., the business center of the British film industry during the silent film era.

In 2009 the National Society of Film Critics presented Flicker Alley with the Film Heritage Award in recognition of the company's "releasing DVD collections of rare early U.S. and foreign silent films."

Titles published by Flicker Alley: