EDITION FILMMUSEUM is a joint project of film archives and cultural institutions in the German-speaking part of Europe. It's ambition is to publish film works of artistic, cultural and historical value in DVD editions that both utilize the possibilities of digital media and meet the quality demands of the archival profession.

"The first person who came up with the idea of a joint DVD Edition Film Museum was the director of the Munich Film Museum, Stefan Drössler. He initiated the association of German-speaking film museums and archives to release films on DVD, which are very rarely exhibited due to marginal market interest.

These films belong to the valuable stock of the participating archives and are, notwithstanding their rare screenings in film theaters, of utmost significance for the history of film. Every participating film archive and museum is free to designate films as contributions to the Edition. This way, the Edition benefits from the experience and expertise of all the participants as well as from the focus of their particular film collection."

-Franziska Schuster, Austrian Film Museum,  e-mail quoted by David Hudson, greencine.com, 19.10.2005

Titles Published by Edition Filmmuseum – Berlin (Deutsche Kinematek / German Cinematheque):

Titles Published by Edition Filmmuseum – Munich (Filmmuseum München / Munich Film Museum):

Titles Published by Edition Filmmuseum – Vienna (Österreichische Filmmuseum / Austrian Film Museum):