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"ALPHA-OMEGA digital is a specialzed digital service provider in professional film restoration.

Our services include inspection, preparation and cleaning of film material, color-timing and image enhancement, digital scanning at various formats as well as recording back to film and archiving your digital film content according to your needs.

We have great experience resulting from years of work with nitrate-based film, torn and broken material, mould and vinegar syndrome damages, even working with film-originals dating back to 1896 - we know that we are skilled to an unusual degree, remastering your production from the film originals to your requested digital format.

Since 1998 we have restored famous silent film classics like Fritz Lang's METROPOLIS and Ernst Lubitsch's THE LOVES OF PHARAOH but also complete editions of movies from the 1940s to 1980s - timeless classics that deserve to be presented to later generations in their best form and quality. Some of these were reprinted to film, even combined with photochemically printed elements.

It is the most rewarding work to achieve the original image quality and deliver a product to last."



Titles published by ALPHA-OMEGA: