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LIGHT CONE is a non-profit organization created by Yann Beauvais and Miles McKane in 1982 with the aim of promoting, distributing and preserving experimental cinema.

Its primary mission is the diffusion of the works in its collection, as far as possible in their original format, to cultural structures such as non-profit organizations, cinemas, museums, universities, galleries and festivals. To fulfill this mission, Light Cone's structure is that of a filmmakers' co-operative, assuring authors (or the rights-holders) the ownership of both the physical material and the moral rights of the works.

The collection, the result of 25 years' work, holds nearly 3000 films, videos and digital works. Annually, Light Cone organizes a series of screenings for an audience of professional cultural programmers, which presents new works in distribution (the “Preview Show”).

In addition, to further understanding and distribution of the works in the collection, a Documentation Centre offers researchers and programmers an exceptionally comprehensive collection of documents and works, available for consultation. With the addition in 1999 of the Experimental Film Archive of Avignon (Afea), this collection contains nearly 2600 paper and 4600 audio-visual documents.

Light Cone also organizes regular screenings in Paris, produces publications and co-productions of film programs both in France and abroad. Many programmers use these as reference points, and multiple collaborations between cinema-related and visual arts institutions have developed over the course of time. These partnerships often result in joint publications. In 2009, Light Cone published its first DVD release, THE SEASHELL AND THE CLERGYMAN, co-published with Paris Expérimental.

Titles published by Light Cone: