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The Cinémathèque Royal de Belgique—the Royal Film Archive of Belgium—is dedicated to showing, preserving, and restoring movies and related artifacts, and maintains one of the world's richest collections of cinema. In 2007, following cutbacks in government financing, the Brussels-based institution was forced to close its doors. Then, in 2009, largely as a result of public outcry, the cinémathèque was reborn, with a new spirit and a new look. For the reopening of the archive, a new name was chosen—Cinematek, a phonetic spelling that not only works in French and Flemish—Belgium's two main languages—but also for an international audience.

"Cinematek has been publishing DVDs since 2002. The DVD catalogue contains both feature films and non-fictional compilations on subjects that are part of the collective memory of our country in the 20th century. The non-fictional compilations are accompanied by a small booklet containing a historical essay and descriptions of the films."


Titles published by Cinematek: