"cameo is the trade mark of Cameo Media S.L., a contents management company. Its mission is to market films, documentaries, plays and musicals in DVD format via traditional channels, on-line and through new media channels. Cameo Media is an independent company founded in July 2003 by several Spanish film producers and distributors, Atla Films, Wanda Visión, Tornasol Films and Continental Productions and Juan Carlos Tous, a seasoned professional with a successful career in the audiovisual sector.

Golem Distribution joined with Cameo in March 2004. In June 2005 El Deseo (Pedro and Agustín's Almodóvar's company) decided to join Cameo.

Cameo Media is a company that aims to manage video, TV and Internet rights in order to obtain the best results for producers, as well as benefits for all concerned, including third parties.

Our main purpose is to bring these independent, auteur, documentary films closer to the audiences. Always in the best possible condition."

– www.cameo.es

Titles published by cameo:


"Filmoteca de Catalunya (Film Archive of Catalonia), was founded in 1981, and has as its main mission the restoration, conservation, researching and dissemination of films and audiovisual works and materials, documents, equipment and other elements that are of interest to the study of cinema and audiovisual media in general, and of Catalan cinema in particular."

– www.filmoteca.cat

Titles published in collaboration with Filmoteca de Catalunya: