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Interior xiii

Film promotion label founded in 2008, based in Mexico and Colombia. INTERIOR XIII is focused on theatrical distribution, production and promotion of Mexican directors, publications on avant garde filmmakers and dvd editions. INTERIOR XIII has produced Yulene Olaizola’s ARTIFICIAL PARADISES (2011) and FOGO (2012, associate producer), by Yulene Olaizola, GREATEST HITS (2012) and THE PALACE (2013) by Nicolás Pereda, KILLING STRANGERS (2013) by Pereda and Jacob Schulsinger, and I PROMISE YOU ANARCHY (2015, post prodution) by Julio Hernández Cordón. INTERIOR XIII also provides programming and consulting services for international film festivals, nowadays to the Riviera Maya Film Festival (rmff). ‘Violencia’ (2015, coproduction) by Jorge Forero, will have its world premiere in the section Forum of the Berlinale 2015.

Titles published by Interior XIII: