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Moving Image Collections

A central focus of GME’s archiving activities and business practice has been the rescue of celluloid film collections that we have uncovered in dead warehouse storage, and the repatriation of these important original materials to film archives and libraries worldwide.  For more information about one of our noteworthy such library projects, see:

Rare British films on view at the Stanford – San Jose Mercury News.

In addition, GME has initiated archiving projects for well-known film personalities, so as to further document the history of their moving image careers.



JFK's Presidential Campaign

An extremely rare collection of advertising materials from John F. Kennedy’s 1960 Presidential campaign, comprising approximately 100 reels of original 16mm film and 1⁄4-inch audio recordings are currently being offered for sale on an exclusive basis by Gartenberg Media Enterprises (GME), a New York City based archival firm. These items, which have been in the hands of an individual who worked on Kennedy’s original campaign, remained in a basement for almost half a century, before being turned over to GME for assessment, inspection, cataloguing, preservation, and sale.




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I Married Joan


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Crown Pictures (Italian Nitrate Film Collection)

Assunta spina  (1914)

Assunta spina (1914)

Tassilo Adam

A collection of nitrate motion picture film shot by Tassilo Adam in Indonesia during the 1920ʼs, documenting the customs and culture of the indigenous people.

The collection is comprised of more than 7 hours (31 x 1000ʼ reels) of motion picture film (positive and negative). The footage is silent and both b/w and color (i.e., tinted and/or toned). The film is developed on Agfa film stock.


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