Photo Essays

Photo essays appear at the beginning of Borea's involvement with photography and remained a format that he worked in continually during the course of his career. 

City is a Stage

"City is a Stage" (Pageant magazine, August 1970). Ballerina Anna Aragno Diaz with New York City as a backdrop.


Buitoni, Carnegie Hall

"Debut of a Lifetime" (Pageant magazine, May 1962). Giovanni Buitoni sings at Carnegie Hall. 

Subway Series, 1970

Broadcast on the Today Show on December 21, 1970.

Demolition, Third Ave. El

Ceasing to operate in 1955, the Third Avenue El was the last remaining elevated railway in New York City. 

Washington Market

The Washington Market was started in 1812, in and around the area that would become the World Trade Center 150 years later. Burned, moved and rebuilt several times, the indoor market was torn down permanently in 1957. The following sequence of photographs date from 1956.

Social Documentary

Manuel Komroff, a founding member of the Circle of Confusion wrote:

"The members of the Circle represent a cross-section of our American photographic world. The aesthetic end is represented by Ansel Adams, Edward Steichen, Nicholas Muray, Konrad Cramer, Nat Resnick, and Andre Kertesz, to name a few. In the field of photojournalism, besides Alfred Eisenstaedt and Peter Stackpole, there are Rudi Hoffman, Raimondo Borea, John Madigan, and Adrian Siegel."