The Tonight Show


In the 1950’s, Raimondo Borea began working as a freelance photographer on the set of NBC’s The Tonight Show. This work lasted until 1972 when the production moved to California.

The Tonight Show with Jack paar

When The Tonight Show debuted in the fall of 1954, the original host was Steve Allen. Allen's successor was Jack Paar. It was during Paar's tenure as host that the show became a huge entertainment success. Paar strove for compelling conversations with his guest as well as interludes of pure humor. In the process he earned himself a reputation as a superb story teller.

The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson

Jack Paar's successor was Johnny Carson, who spent the first ten years of his 30-year stint as host in studio 6B in Rockefeller Center. Ed McMahon remained his announcer and side kick for the entire run. Borea's behind the scenes access during these years was unlimited, as he gained the trust and confidence of Carson, McMahon and the entire staff and crew.