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Gartenberg Media Enterprises is proud to announce the release of a pair of DVD publications presenting the early works of experimental filmmaker Heinz Emigholz, entitled HEINZ EMIGHOLZ: THE FORMATIVE YEARS [I] and HEINZ EMIGHOLZ: THE FORMATIVE YEARS [II], published jointly by Edition Arsenal Experimental and Filmgalerie 451.  These two volumes publish, in DVD form, the seven Emigholz films presented in installation versions as part of the FORUM EXPANDED at the Berlin Film Festival in 2010.  More recently, the films of Heinz Emigholz have been the subject of a career retrospective at the International Film Festival Rotterdam (IFFR) 2014.

Stefanie Schulte Strathaus, of Arsenal Experimental and curator for the Berlinale Forum, writes that Heinz Emigholz's "early films provided a crucial impetus for the international experimental film movement of the 1970s and 80s.  They are counted among the few experimental works from Germany which have attained enduring international acclaim. The project THE FORMATIVE YEARS makes visible and accessible a segment of film history, which, in light of upheavals in the analog world and departures toward a digital one, enables discussion of highly contemporary developments."
In addition to the seven early films contained in THE FORMATIVE YEARS [I] & [II], the two DVDs also provide numerous bonus extras, including two extensive interviews with Emigholz, both filmed in 2009: one by Viennese film publicist Stefan Grissemann; the other by filmmaker Klaus Wyborny specifically about the films in the project THE FORMATIVE YEARS and the context of their production in the 1970's.



"From the beginning to the middle of the seventies, I produced a series of films containing a complicated interplay between abstract temporal compositions - that is, film movements - and selected urban and rural landscapes.  The films ... consist of thousands of photographs, taken frame-by-frame with a Bolex camera on 16mm film according to a previously established score."  
- Heinz Emigholz

Schenec-tady I (1972/73)
Schenec-tady II (1973)
Arrowplane (1973/74)
Tide (1974)
Schenec-tady III (1972/75)

DVD-PAL Region 0/No Regional Code.

Institutional Sale Price: $ 200.00 plus shipping & handling.




Hotel (1975/76)
Demon (1976/77)

DVD-PAL Region 0/No Regional Code.

Institutional Sale Price: $ 200.00 plus shipping & handling.




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