GME Celebrates Jonas Mekas's Birthday with the Release of Two New Publications of His Films Now Available on DVD for Institutional Sales

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GME Celebrates Jonas Mekas's Birthday


 With the Release of 2 New Publications of His Films

Now Available on DVD for Institutional Sales


On the occasion of Jonas Mekas's 92nd birthday (on XMAS eve of this year), Gartenberg Media Enterprises (GME) is pleased to announce the release of two new DVD publications by this monumental and consequential artist.  Published on DVD by Re:Voir Vidéo -- GUNS OF THE TREES and THE SIXTIES QUARTET -- are now available for institutional sales in North America.  


Jonas Mekas is the most significant force behind the evolution and promotion of the American Avant-Garde film movement, as well as one of its most prolific independent filmmakers and pre-eminent cinema poets. Following up on our release last semester of JONAS MEKAS: THE MAJOR WORKS, we now offer both his rarely seen first feature length film, GUNS OF THE TREES, a fictional narrative of the Beat Generation, as well as, in a more poetic vein, THE SIXTIES QUARTET, that features portraits of Andy Warhol, George Maciunas, John Lennon, and the Kennedy family at Warhol's compound in Montauk, just several years after the assassination of President Kennedy.








"Four young people are trying to understand why their friend, a young woman, committed a suicide. A film made up of disconnected scenes weaving between past and present. The title of the film comes from a poem by Stuart Perkoff which tells that some young people felt (around 1960) that everything is against them, so much that even the trees in the parks and streets seemed to them like guns pointing at their very existence."
- Jonas Mekas

Grand Prize / Grand prix (Najade d'oro) 
Mostra Internazionale del Cinema Libero di Porretta Terme, 1962



Jonas Mekas   USA (1961)

DVD-PAL   Region 0
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Scenes From The Life Of Andy Warhol: Friendships And Intersections (1990)
"This film is made up of my film diaries relating to Andy Warhol from the years 1965-1982."                                                                       - Jonas Mekas

Zefiro Torna Or Scenes From The Life Of George Maciunas (1992)
"Bits of Fluxus events and performances, and picnics with friends (Almus, Andy Warhol, John Lennon, Yoko Ono, etc.), George's wedding and footage I took of him in Boston hospital three days before he died."          - Jonas Mekas

Happy Birthday To John (1995)
"On October 9th, 1972, half of the music world gathered in Syracuse, N.Y., to celebrate the opening of John Lennon/Yoko Ono Fluxus show, designed by George Maciunas.  Same day, a smaller group gathered in a local hotel room to celebrate John's birthday."                                                     - Jonas Mekas

This Side Of Paradise (1999)
with Jackie, Caroline and John Kennedy Jr.
"Unpredictably, as most of my life's key events have been, for a period of several years in the late 60s and early 70s, I had the fortune to spend some time, mostly during the summers, with Jackie Kennedy's and her sister Lee Radziwill's families and children. Cinema was an integral, inseparable, as a matter of fact, a key part of our friendship. The time was still very close to the untimely, tragic, death of John F. Kennedy. Jackie wanted to give something to her children to do, to help to ease the transition of life without a father. One of her thoughts was that movie camera would be fun for the children. Peter Beard, who was at that time tutoring John Jr. and Caroline in art history, suggested to Jackie that I was the man to introduce the children to cinema. Jackie said yes. And that's how it all began. I bought them a very easily operable 16mm movie camera, and even wrote a "mini-textbook" suggesting some simple movie exercises...


The images in the exposition, with a few exceptions, they all come from the summers Caroline and John Jr. spent in Montauk, with their cousins Anthony and Tina Radziwill, in an old house Lee rented from Andy Warhol, for a few summers. Andy himself spent many of his weekends there, in one of the cottages, as did Peter Beard, whom the children had adopted almost like their older brother or a father they missed. There were summers of happiness, joy and continuous celebrations of life and friendships. These are 'Little Fragments of Paradise.' "                                                   -Jonas Mekas

Jonas Mekas   USA (1990-1999)

DVD-PAL   Region 0
No Regional Code


Institutional Sale Price: $ 200.00 plus shipping & handling. 





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