GME Announces Launch of Newly-Designed Website for DVD and Blu-ray Releases

GME Announces Launch of Newly-Designed Website
for DVD and Blu-ray Releases

Gartenberg Media (GME) is proud to announce the launch of our newly-designed website. GME is actively engaged in seeking out and representing high quality DVD & Blu-ray publications of films and videos that encompass important works from the breadth and depth of the history of the moving image. These works range from pioneers of the silent narrative cinema to cutting edge filmmakers of the contemporary avant-garde.

"The superb dedication of such entities as the Criterion Collection, Milestone Films, and Gartenberg Media Enterprises, to name key players, are making possible access to a wealth of cinematic history, ephemera, and value-added materials."

As the educational film market has radically shifted from 16mm celluloid film distribution to DVD and Blu-ray editions, the contours of film history are being significantly reshaped. Well-known films are now re-released in new, high-quality digital transfers by film archives and boutique publishers, and lesser-known films from the course of moving image history are made available for the first time in video format. Bonus features and accompanying authoritative booklets frequently supplement these digital editions in order to contextualize such important works in new ways.

Both classic films and avant-garde cinema are represented by GME through a wide array of publications, organized into the following general groupings, that are specifically oriented toward academic teaching purposes and study:
Clicking on any of the above categories provides a listing of DVD/Blu-ray publications within the respective area of study. By then clicking on a title, an enhanced product page provides descriptive text and photos about the moving image works; as well, an updated contents area lists filmographic and technical details about the individual publication, including bonus material and booklet information.

A separate search bar also provide access to publication titles and production credits related to our DVD and Blu-ray offerings (as well as throughout the entire GME website).
These DVDs are currently being made available to universities, libraries, museums, and other educational organizations in North America (US and Canada), and include public performance rights. Public performance rights extend to use in classrooms and in other non-commercial settings where no admission is charged.

Please Note:
Many of our DVDs are published in PAL format Region 0.  
PAL DVDs require a PAL or Multi-system DVD player for playback.

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