RECAP: "Art of Jazz" Reviews in Harvard Magazine and The Boston Globe

Reviews on "Art of Jazz: Form/Performance/Notes" from both The Boston Globe and Harvard Magazine have appeared online, both featuring photographer Hugh Bell. Here is what they had to say:

Sarah Vaughan  (1955)

Sarah Vaughan (1955)

There are books, posters, and photographs. The latter mostly offer portraits of musicians — Hugh Bell’s gorgeous presentation of a gorgeous Sarah Vaughan stands out…

The Boston Globe

Birds—caged and escaped, singing and flying—have figured prominently throughout the history of jazz, and of African-American arts more broadly, Grant explains: think Nina Simone’s “Blackbird” and John Coltrane’s Bye Bye Blackbird. In the exhibition, they are a visual motif stitching the installations together. Illustrated birds decorate the pages of picture books, while a black and white portrait of saxophonist Charlie “Bird” Parker by Hugh Bell hangs on the neighboring wall…

Harvard Magazine