Waren Sonbert's CARRIAGE TRADE at Anthology Film Archives, February 2, 2017 at 8:30

Waren Sonbert's CARRIAGE TRADE will be playing as part of the Essential Cinema Repertory program at Anthology Film Archives. It will be screening one night only on Friday, February 3rd at 8:30pm.

“With CARRIAGE TRADE, Sonbert began to challenge the theories espoused by the great Soviet filmmakers of the 1920s; he particularly disliked the ‘knee-jerk’ reaction produced by Eisensteinian montage. In both lectures and writings about his own style of editing, Sonbert described CARRIAGE TRADE as ‘a jig-saw puzzle of postcards to produce varied displaced effects.’ This approach, according to Sonbert, ultimately affords the viewer multi-faceted readings of the connections between shots through the spectator’s assimilation of ‘the changing relations of the movement of objects, the gestures of figures, familiar worldwide icons, rituals and reactions, rhythm, spacing, and density of images.” 

– Jon Gartenberg