Jon Gartenberg's Remarks from the Memorial Celebration for Anita Thatcher at the Walter Reade Theater Lincoln Center December 12, 2017

The release of Anita Thatcher's film Homage to Magritte in 1975 coincided with the start of my own professional career working in MOMA’s film archive.  Upon viewing it for the first time back then, her film left an indelible impression upon my mind, and has remained one of the main markers in my experimental film viewing experience.  

Anteroom by Anita Thatcher

Anteroom by Anita Thatcher

This film struck me both for the graphic beauty of the imagery as well as for its simple elegance in the representation of time and space in cinema. As did her later installation Anteroom (1982), recently reinstalled at Microscope Gallery, which confirmed for me that Anita Thatcher was truly an accomplished modern artist whose multidimensional career accomplishments are only now beginning to fully sink into our collective consciousness.

A few years before Anita became aware of her illness, she discussed with me the appropriate institution that could archive her films.  I was happy to help think through the options and possibilities. I am very pleased to now announce that the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences has taken her films for archiving, preservation and eventual exhibition. 


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