Recent GME News: AMIA Newsletter - “Lubin Photos” Episode on PBS’s History Detectives


AMIA Newsletter |volume 87Winter 2010| page 18


Notes from the Field

“Lubin Photos” Episode on PBS’s History Detectives

Who was Siegmund Lubin?  Was Herbert Lubin a movie star?

Jon Gartenberg, President of Gartenberg Media Enterprises (GME) and, GME Project Manager Jeff Capphelp PBS’s History Detectives answer these and other questions while examining two albums of “centuryold photos that may have captured the dawn of American movie-making – nearly 3000 miles fromHollywood.”

In Episode 4 of Season 7 Tukufu Zuberi calls “upon film archivists and historians Jon Gartenberg and Jeff Capp to shed some light on the Lubin film studios.  They were able to use their expertise and knowledge to reveal a forgotten history of film production in Philadelphia, assisting History Detectives in examining century old photos.”

The entire episode, originally aired on July 13, 2009, is viewable online at: