Tribeca Film Festival Experimental-Film-Programmer Jon Gartenberg Presents 4 New Programs at TFF 2012


Jon Gartenberg, Experimental Film Programmer for the Tribeca Film Festival (TFF), presented four new programs at TFF 2012, attracting high-profile filmmakers from Hollywood and the avant-garde alike.

Avant-Garde Masters: A Decade of Film Preservation


Consuming Spirits


Francophenia (or: Don't Kill Me, I Know Where the Baby Is)


Shorts: Journeys Across Cultural Landscapes


For his introduction to the Avant-Garde Masters program,

Jon Gartenberg read a special note from Martin Scorsese:

Throughout film history, artists have used film to expand the boundaries of cinema to create deeply personal works that evoke the full range of human experience and emotion. Unbound by narrative conventions, the Avant-Garde has inspired audiences and influenced mainstream filmmakers. For the past 10 years, the National Film Preservation Foundation and The Film Foundation have preserved more than 100 films through the Avant-Garde Masters Grants.  There's no other program of its kind, and I'm thrilled that the Tribeca Film Festival is recognizing the program and highlighting the work of such artists as George Kuchar, Carolee Schneeman, Larry Gottheim, Abigail Child, and Kenneth Anger that have been preserved and—equally important—made available so audiences can actually see these extraordinary works. - Martin Scorcese

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(l-r) Programmer of Experimental Films Jon Gartenberg, Artist Abigail Child, Filmmaker Larry Gottheim, Artist Carolee Schneemann and Assistant Director of the National Film Preservation Foundation Jeff Lambert speak at Tribeca Talks After The Movie: AVANT-GARDE MASTERS: A DECADE OF FILM PRESERVATION at the School of Visual Arts on April 21.

For the opening night of FRANCOPHRENIA, Jon Gartenberg conducted a Q&A with filmmaker Ian Olds, co-filmmaker and actor James Franco, and Paul Felton, the film's co-writer. Gartenberg pursued a line of questioning with James Franco about his interest in an array of experimental filmmakers (including Kurt Kren), and about Franco's commitment to experimenting with film form in his own work.


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(l-r) Programmer of Experimental Films Jon Gartenberg leads filmmaker Ian Olds, filmmaker & actor James Franco and writer Paul Felton in an on-stage Q&A following FRANCOPHENIA at the School of Visual Arts on April 22.  Below, Ian Olds & James Franco.


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