Gartenberg Media Announces Michael Snow's RAMEAU'S NEPHEW Now Available on DVD for Institutional Sales

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Gartenberg Media Announces
Michael Snow's RAMEAU'S NEPHEW

Now Available on DVD for Institutional Sales


Gartenberg Media Enterprises (GME) is proud to announce the release of the DVD edition of Michael Snow's 4 1/2 hour epic film, RAMEAU'S NEPHEWnow available for institutional sales in North America.  Michael Snow, a native of Canada, is one of the pre-eminent avant-garde artists of the 20th (and now 21st) century.  Each of his works, spanning across painting, sculpture, video, film, photography, holography, drawing, publishing and music, invites us to experience, question and contemplate representation, its process and material.


            "For me, [RAMEAU'S NEPHEW] is an authentic 'talking picture,' built from  the true units of the syllable and the frame."

- Michael Snow






Structured in serial form, RAMEAU'S NEPHEW is composed of twenty-five sequences, varying in duration from 27 seconds to 47 minutes, each one separated by abstract color compositions.  The complexly-structured narrative features performances by prominent figures of avant-garde cinema at the time, including Jonas Mekas, Barry Gerson, Babette Mangolte, Amy Taubin, Helen Kaplan, Ping Chong, Steve Anker, Joyce Wieland, P. Adams Sitney, and Snow himself.


In his introduction to the 184 page, elegantly-produced bilingual study guide accompanying this DVD edition, Pip Chodorov has written:


"The film is very much an epic, Joycean project, perhaps the longest, most worked-on and most complex piece ever produced within the avant-garde film, as much enjoyable entertainment as intellectual exercise.  Each chapter, like a fragment of a broken hologram, holds part of the mystery, and though some sections seem arduous paths to travel, working to unlock their secrets reveals the keys to Snows' overall project; indeed even elements that we find in Snow's other works, including those made using other media than film.  The relationship between sound and picture is just one example of the may relationships between the elements of form and content that Snow interrogates in his lifework." 


Michael Snow  *  Canada

2-Disc DVD Edition

DVD-PAL  *  Region 0
No Regional Code


This boxed set contains:

* the 4-1/2-hour film on two DVDs;

* a 184-page bilingual book.


The accompanying book publication is written by Ivora Cusack and Stéfani de Loppinot, with a preface by Michael Snow and translation by Pip Chodorov. This study guide analyzes the 25 sequences of the film and makes available for the first time reproductions of Snow's original preparatory scripts and notes archived at the Art Gallery of Ontario, in Toronto (Canada). 


Published with support by the Ministère de la culture et de la communication, Délégation aux arts plastiques, CNAP (FIACRE).


Institutional Sale Price: $ 300.00 plus shipping & handling.



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