GME Announces Four Films by Gerhard Lamprecht Now Available on DVD for Institutional Sales

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Gartenberg Media Announces
Four Films by Gerhard Lamprecht

Now Available on DVD for Institutional Sales


Gartenberg Media Enterprises (GME) is proud to announce the release of four films by Gerhard Lamprecht on DVD, now available for institutional sales in North America.  Gerhard Lamprecht is most well known in film history circles for his multi-volume compilation of German film productions, Deutsche Stummfilme, dating from 1903-1931.  In 1963, he founded the Deutsche Kinemathek (Berlin).   During the intervening period (1920-1958), he directed more than 60 films, and is best remembered today for his 1931 film version of Emil and the Detectives, scripted by Billy Wilder.  Now, the film archive which Lamprecht founded, together with Edition Filmuseum, has published four of his silent features from the years 1925-1928, paired in two separate DVD editions: DIE VERRUFENEN (SLUMS OF BERLIN(1925), together with DIE UNEHELICHEN (CHILDREN OF NO IMPORTANCE) (1926); and MENSCHEN UNTEREINANDER (THE PEOPLE AMONG US) (1926), with UNTER DER LATERNE (UNDER THE LANTERN) (1928).  All four films highlight both the desperation and resolve of the working class in Berlin during the tumultuous decade following World War I.  Following recent revival showings of a number of these films at the Pordenone and San Francisco silent film festivals and Telluride Film Festival, the release of these DVD editions should further herald a rediscovery in academic circles of this oft-overlooked German film director.







DIE VERRUFENEN (DER FÜNFTE STAND) & DIE UNEHELICHEN is a double-DVD set presenting two feature films by Gerhard Lamprecht which reproduce German illustrator Heinrich Zille's  view of the Berlin milieu ("Milljöh"). In DIE VERRUFENEN (1925) the engineer Robert Kramer, released from prison, cannot find his way back to civilian life. He wants to end his life, but is held back by the streetwalker Emma. In DIE UNEHELICHEN (1926) three working-class children suffer under their violent foster parents, till a dramatic incident changes their lives.



Gerhard Lamprecht   Germany

Die Verrufenen (Der fünfte Stand) (1925)
Die Unehelichen (1926) 

2-Disc DVD Edition

DVD-PAL   Region 0
No Regional Code

Features include:

 - New scores by Donald Sosin.

 - Trilingual (German, English, French) booklet with an essay
 by Rolf Aurich and Wolfgang Jacobsen.



Institutional Sale Price: $ 300.00 plus shipping & handling.



The second double-DVD set, MENSCHEN UNTEREINANDER & UNTER DER LATERNE, presents two films by Gerhard Lamprecht, sketching social panoramas of late 1920s Berlin. MENSCHEN UNTEREINANDER delineates the social microcosm of a tenement building; the tenants represent a cross-section of poverty, corruption and compassion. In UNTER DER LATERNE, the girl Else begins to follow the wrong path after an altercation with her father. The high life turns out to be the first step in a downward spiral.


Gerhard Lamprecht    Germany

Menschen untereinander (1926)
Unter der Laterne(1928)

2-Disc DVD Edition

DVD-PAL   Region 0
No Regional Code


Features include:

 - New scores by Donald Sosin.

 - Alternative scores by ensemble mosaik and shortfilmlivemusic.

 - Trilingual (German, English, French) booklet with essays

by Rolf Aurich, Wolfgang Jacobsen and Jörg Becker.


Institutional Sale Price: $ 300.00 plus shipping & handling. 



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