GME DVD Distribution: Essential Cinema at the End of Summer

Over the past two decades, GME has assembled a curated collection of significant films throughout the entire course of moving image history, which we offer in DVD and Blu-ray editions to educational institutions in North America. A substantial number of these films are represented in Anthology Film Archives’s Essential Cinema Repertory program.

Selected from Anthology Film Archive’s current quarterly calendar (July – September) for this program, the following filmmakers’ works – which are shown on celluloid copies as part of  Anthology Film Archives’ Essential Cinema series -- are distributed on DVD by Gartenberg Media Enterprises to the university market in order to foster appreciation of landmarks of the history of cinema from the perspective of Jonas Mekas and his collaborators James Broughton, Ken Kelman, Peter Kubelka, and P. Adams Sitney.

In addition to two short films (A WOMAN and EASY STREET) by Charlie Chaplin which were screened earlier this month, upcoming titles include: NANOOK OF THE NORTH (1922, Robert Flaherty); several films by Carl Th. Dreyer; BATTLESHIP POTEMKIN (1925) and OCTOBER (1928), both directed by Sergei Eisenstein; Maya Deren’s first four films from 1943-1946, including MESHES OF THE AFTERNOON and AT LAND, as well as A STUDY IN CHOREOGRAPHY FOR THE CAMERA and RITUAL IN TRANSFIGURED TIME;  and THE FLICKER (Tony Conrad, 1966).

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