Jon Gartenberg and Jeff Capp Present Tassilo Adam Moving Image Adventures at Orphan Film Symposium 8

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Tassilo Adam photograph © Tropenmuseum, Amsterdam

Daniel Eagan on blogged:

"Jon Gartenberg showed excerpts from films shot by Tassilo Adam in the Dutch East Indies in the 1920s. Although preserved digitally, the material had the lustrous sheen of the nitrate on which it was originally filmed. Adam filmed with the cooperation of authorities, who staged processions and gatherings for his camera. Nevertheless, his footage shows a considerably more sophisticated vision of Bali than other films of the period."

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GME at Orphans Film Symposium, April 7-10, 2010


Jon Gartenberg and Jeff Capp will attend the Orphans Film Symposium, April 7-10, at the SVA Theatre in New York City.  The theme of this year's conference is "Moving Pictures Around The World."  Through its library excavation projects, GME has uncovered, identified and repatriated original nitrate materials on films including FOUR DAYS LEAVE (1950, Leopold Lindtberg), to the Cinémathèque Suisse, Lausanne, and ORPHAN OF THE WILDERNESS (1936, Ken G. Hall), to the National Film and Sound Archive, Australia; as well as many other rare films to other institutions on a global basis.

Gartenberg Media Enterprises is an in-kind sponsor of the symposium and has donated numerous DVDs from our company's international DVD collection of silent films and avant-garde cinema to support the conference activities.