Erich von Stroheim's BLIND HUSBANDS at Film Forum and Other Recent Screenings of Interest Around NYC


Blind Husbands

The Color of Nothingness,

      a presentation by Tom Gunning &

THE PEARL (LE PERLE)  •  Henri d'Ursel

May 5 - 2:00 PM


MISS MEND  •  Feodor Ozep, Boris Barnet       

    April 28 - 2:30 PM

MISS MEND  •  Feodor Ozep, Boris Barnet

    April 26 - 4:00 PM


    George Méliès  •  A TRIP TO THE MOON 

    & Other Travels Presented by Serge Bromberg

    April 9 -  7:00 PM


        Michael Pilz  •  HEAVEN AND EARTH

        March 18 - 2:30 PM 

        Michael Pilz  •  HEAVEN AND EARTH

        March 17 - 6:00 PM 

        Michael Pilz  •  FACTS FOR FICTION

        March 17 - 2:15 PM 

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Jon Gartenberg and Jeff Capp Present Tassilo Adam Moving Image Adventures at Orphan Film Symposium 8

Orphans Blog

Tassilo Adam photograph © Tropenmuseum, Amsterdam

Daniel Eagan on blogged:

"Jon Gartenberg showed excerpts from films shot by Tassilo Adam in the Dutch East Indies in the 1920s. Although preserved digitally, the material had the lustrous sheen of the nitrate on which it was originally filmed. Adam filmed with the cooperation of authorities, who staged processions and gatherings for his camera. Nevertheless, his footage shows a considerably more sophisticated vision of Bali than other films of the period."

For the full Reel Culture blog posting, read here