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Praesens-Film AG is an independent and innovative media organization specializing in production and all areas of film exploitation such as theatrical distribution, production and sales of Blu-rays and DVDs as well as digital distribution and public viewing.  

Founded in 1924 by aviation pioneer Walter Mittelholzer and Lazar Wechsler, Praesens-Film AG was the most important Swiss film company and the only one to achieve global recognition. Today the company holds the record for being the oldest Swiss film enterprise still in existence, for the number of films produced and the number of awards received. Four Oscars from Hollywood and a host of other accolades from film festivals in Cannes, Venice, Berlin, New York and London. Amongst others, films were produced under directors such as Sergei M. Eisenstein, Walter Ruttmann, Fred Zinnemann, Luigi Comencini, Leopold Lindtberg, Alexander Ford, or the author Friedrich Dürrenmatt.

Praesens-Film’s productions, theatrical acquisitions and distribution covers a wide selection of feature and documentary films for both mainstream and arthouse/independent audiences.

Our home entertainment department was one of the first video outlets in Switzerland and today produces, promotes and sells Blu-Rays and DVDs to retailers. This covers not only our own content, but also production and sales on behalf of many independent rights owners. Amongst new releases Praesens-Film takes great concern in film restoration and making the largest and most important library of Swiss and German Classics available to the public, some of which are considered to figure under the best 20 films of all time (e.g. M-EINE STADT SUCHT EINEN MÖRDER or THE THREEPENNY OPERA).

Titles published by Praesens-Film AG / GME: